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and this is why I don’t do tarot readings anymore.

5 of Wands (inverted) Success in a personal battle. To stay one’s ground in the face of opposition. To compete well. 

6 of Pentacles (inverted) selfishness, a bad and unequal partnership.

9 of Swords ;A betrayal by a friend or someone within one’s circle of trust. An intentional act of wounding. A conspiracy against you creates feelings of powerlessness. 

King of Pentacles (inverted) Someone who disregards obligation. One who endangers those around him through weakness of conviction or reckless action. 

Age of Swords Clarity of the mind. Self evidence. The Ace of Swords represents a singularity of purpose and piercing intent. Focus and consciousness combine for divine decisions. 

The Hierophant (inverted) Bad advice is given. Rebellion and non-conformism. A break from a cycle. A line is crossed. A liar. 

8 of Wands (inverted) An obstacle slows progress. Rapid actions and decisions lead to sloppiness. Rash decisions and mistakes are made.

4 of Cups A confusion of emotions and thoughts. That which was once clear has become sullied with too many outside forces. Something has gone off course. Remember what you want. Avoid temptation.

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unf, Jim Morrison. stop that.

unf, Jim Morrison. stop that.

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